Monday, June 26, 2023

Barbie Dollhouse Upscale Pets for Dioramas

We received a gift card at work for one year without a safety incident, so... That meant I had some free money to play with:@) I decided I'd use part of it to get something a little extravagant for the Barbie dollhouse and nosed around Amazon. The pretty gold birdcage caught my eye immediately...

I love everything about it! Especially the colors in the bird, it almost looks like cloisonné art. I will either make a stand for it or hang it from the ceiling, but really think a stand would be perfect so it can be moved to any room for pics.

I was apprehensive to order the ~glass~ fish bowl because many reviews said it came cracked or broken. Mine arrived in a box and in great shape! We don't have a choice in what fish we get, I was hoping for a goldfish but I'm thrilled that at least this one has some orange color. Also, wow, I can't get over the detail, scales on the fish, gravel and true greenery. It's really cool.


Barbie says it's the little things that make a house a home.

Treat yourself to something special every once in a while
 and have a happy day😉

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