Sunday, March 12, 2023

Barbie Skirted Leggings Look from Ribbon -Quick St. Patrick's Day DIY

While I made this over skirt for leggings from a St. Patrick's Day theme'd check print, the skirted leggins idea can be used year-round with any print, color, or design desired. Last year I used this ribbon as a quick shawl, this just expands the idea a little further to the skirt. Barbie doesn't want to get pinched after all:@) The idea is, this is not a finished garment, it's intended to be a quick wink and nod to add a holiday look. St. Pat's is perfect since the parties and parades can be good silly fun.

✂What I did:
Cut a piece of 2.5" wired ribbon twice as wide as the doll's waist.
I used pinking shears to help with fraying.
Pull each end of the wire to tighten the waist around the doll.
Simply twist the wire closed to hold skirt on doll.
Trim wire and shape skirt.
I left the open side on the back,
it can be front or side.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day🍀

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