Saturday, February 18, 2023

St Patrick's Day Mustache for Ken (Barbie) -Dollar Tree Sticker Craft

While a little early for St. Patrick's Day, ya gotta grab it when you see it at the stores folks... These stick-on orange and green mustaches would be fun for St. Pat's doll play. And of course, the kids would have a great time sticking them to their own faces for the parade too:@) Here I've added the orange one straight from the pack to Ken for an oversized mustache, and trimmed the green felt one to show how it might fit a tad better. I only removed a little of the paper from the center so it would stick on the dolls. You get three of each style in a pack.

The stickers I picked up:
Each one is a little over 3" long.
Great for 18" dolls too...

A while ago I showed how to make Barbie size

One of the St. Pat's end displays at Dollar Tree:

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1990's striped shirt thrift store rescue...
No Ken's will be pinched on DIY Barbie Blog!!!😉

🍀Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎

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