Saturday, January 7, 2023

How to Make Barbie Earrings from Beads and Wire

I found a pack of deep purple assorted beads at Walmart for 98¢. In addition to the great color, I don't recall ever seeing round hoops in the packs before, they especially caught my eye. So into the cart they went... They made perfect little earrings that can be dressed up, or would add some colorful fun to a casual outfit:@)

There really isn't any secret to making earrings for Barbie dolls folks, you can start with a straight eye pin specifically made for jewelry, or bend a small loop into the end of wire as I did here. Then you use the straight part of the wire to insert into Barbie's ear hole. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt her a bitπŸ˜‰ 

The nice part about making your own wire loops is, 
craft wire comes in all sorts of colors, 
and can be found at Walmart, Dollar Tree or craft stores. 

Now I've mentioned before, my dolls are total Diva's, and only pose for pictures... 
For more rigorous doll play, you may want to bend the wire almost 90 degrees 
to help hold the earrings in place.
And trust me,
once you make your first pair of earrings you'll understand what I mean.

My inspiration:

Here are a pair of earrings using a flat head pin jewelry finding and some beads from my stash. This was back in 2016 before I picked up a few more dolls, and long before DIY Barbie Blog. I found this doll at Dollar Tree... I call her Bad Hair Barbie😎

The earrings can be a simple round bead or pearl too:

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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