Friday, December 23, 2022

1:6 Scale Ornaments for Barbie's World #6 & 7

I found a couple cute ornaments that I knew would work in Barbie's world... The first is a Hallmark ornament from the thrift store $1,  Savory Snowflake. I immediately saw a kitchen clock. Spatulas, spoons, pepper grinders and measuring cups. It's a great size and will be worked in as the kitchen evolves. I do plan to expand the space and have a full size table and seating area, this will be a 2023 project:@)

The ornament I started with:
I'm looking for a magazine ad with a small watch or clock face to glue over the year. I just quickly drew clock hands on white paper for now.

Barbie's smitten...
And yes, it ~is always~ 5 o'clock somewhere😎

And I found the cute sweater for Ken at Walmart. It's a tad large, but I grabbed it for $1.88. It also had a hot glued decoration on the front, and metal clip on the back... Yep, had to pull them off. It's a big heavy sweater, best maybe for a trip to cut down the tree or skiing. There was a white and black buffalo check too, I might get one if they are still there on Clearance.

So that's what's new in my Barbie world these last couple days before Christmas. I hope a few fun finds have made their way to your home too.

Merry Christmas everyone-enjoy🎅

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  1. You never know where you might find an accent cute! Looks like you had a great Christmas Season, Sandi


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