Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dollar Tree Alert! Barbie Items for Christmas

While I only took a few pictures, I wanted to mention I've seen quite a few Barbie theme'd items at Dollar Tree that would make cute Christmas gifts. Obviously merchandise is constantly changing and every store may get different items, but it's certainly worth stopping by if you have a little Barbie enthusiast in your life:@) I'll start with Barbie Paper Dolls... I haven't seen paper dolls since I was a kid! A little too large for a stocking stuffer, but fun!

Lots of little stocking stuffers:

Practical gifts:
Or maybe not a gift, but might help girls reach for a tissue when needed...
I've also seen pocket packs of Barbie tissues.

Not pictured:
Toothbrush sets, bandaids, press on nails and Christmas cards.
12/10/22 Update: Color reveal pets.

And what are we going to wrap everything in???
Of course...

Happy Holiday Shopping🎅

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