Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Dollar Tree Halloween Necklaces for Barbie Crafts

I look at these necklaces every year as Dollar Tree puts the Halloween items out. So I thought it might be fun to see if I could turn some into Halloween jewelry for Barbie and Ken... The beads are kind of glued to the string, so the good news is, if you cut the string the beads don't fall off. These ideas were made with velcro and super glue or a pipe cleaner. 

What I started with:
I really wish at least one was white...

Obviously, the first thing is to shorten one to create Halloween or Voodoo necklaces
for either Barbie or Ken. 
Simply cut to length and glue a piece of velcro to each end.

Belt with dangles:
Cut to length and secure with a little twist of pipe cleaner.

My favorite-Suspenders:
Cut a piece of ribbon so it fits around the doll's waist.
Add velcro to each end.
Cut necklace so it can be glued to the front of the ribbon,
go up over the shoulders and down to the back of the ribbon.
Suggestion: Glue the back a little more towards the center
to help the straps stay up on the doll's shoulders.

And here...
Ken is channeling his inner pirate😎
I used a small piece of glue dot to hold the earring on.
You could wrap some wire or use jewelery findings 
to create real earrings for a Barbie with holes for earrings.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day🎃

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