Monday, September 5, 2022

Walmart Alert! Clearance Mini Brands and New Barbie Fashion Packs

Gonna start with one of my favorite Barbie Fashion Packs ever... Just in time for fall, they have this fantastic denim jacket! Of course I'd love for it to be all blue, but honestly, the colors are really neat:@) Lots of great detailing too, and a nice little bonus, it's made from recycled plastic. Dressed my pink bubble gum haired beauty, and wow! Love it. Fits both standard and curvy Barbie, can't beat that. Note: The shirt isn't a Barbie product, and the skirt is from a previous fashion pack. Mattel if you're reading this... Please, please, please, make more clothes and designs that real people would wear! Solid tops and jeans, or at least offer a few... There are adult Barbie enthusiasts out there.

This pack also comes with a perfect pair of simple gray, knit shorts. Nice length and will work for any casual setting. Shorts only fit standard dolls. 

Now that Mini Brands Series 4 is out, Walmart has put what's left of series 3 on clearance for $2.50 a ball. My guess is, they will sell out fast, but I wanted to mention I've seen them at two stores within the last two weeks. Now, am I always tickled with what I find in the balls? Ah, no. But I'm a sucker and fingers crossed, always hope to find some fun things for my Barbie World. After two duds last week, I did get a cute one this week. Please don't hate me but... I won't add pictures, gonna leave you hanging because I have a fun little diorama pic in mind. Will share later this week:@) But I wanted to mention you might want to look for them if at Wally World. They are great Christmas gifts for kids and Barbie enthusiasts of all ages😉
~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

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