Monday, August 8, 2022

DIY Recycled Thread Spool Knitter Barbie Scarves (Ken too) -Kids or Adult Craft

When I was a kid, my Grandpop would make little handheld circle knitters from a recycled wooden thread spool and four nails. A low tech craft that kept kid's hands busy for hours:@) Especially since my G-Mom-D had oodles and oodles of yarn. These thread spool knitters make a long thin round coil, anywhere from 1/4" up to 1/2" wide depending on the type of yarn used and how loose you keep your stitches. They are perfect as a scarf for Barbie and Ken. In honor of football season starting back up, I made one in Philadelphia Eagles colors for Ken, and I think he's representing his team well! 

The thread spool knitter:
Try to use nails with very small heads.
Nails at 12, 3, 6 and 9 (as if looking at a clock).
Peel paper away from hole on both ends.

I won't re-invent the wheel explaining how to use it,
there's a link HERE, and plenty of videos on-line.
Basically you push the thread through the hole (loose end hanging from bottom).
Wrap yarn around the nails close to spool,
wrap yarn a second time higher on the nail.
Using a knitting needle pull bottom yarn up over top yarn, and over/off of nail.
Keep going around in circle, pulling bottom string to get the finished rope through the thread spool.
Yarn around the nails:

Coil or rope coming out of the bottom hole:
I added fringe to the ends of Ken's scarf.
You can glue pom-poms on too if desired.

The Dollar Tree yarn I used for Ken's scarf:

I was tickled a few weeks ago while nosing around Pinterest. I saw an Apple Pie Knitter. Yep, a marketed kit for kids that came with yarn, a plastic circle knitter that had 16 pegs, and it was scaled to make Barbie dresses! Ebay says they date to the early 1970's. That might explain why I wasn't familiar with them as a kid, just a little later than my (first) Barbie phase😉 I see there's a Peach Pie one too. Mattel, if you're reading this, I really think it would be fantastic to ~update~ and bring back this cute, interactive craft kit! 
There are several Round, Circle, Loom, or French Knitters on Amazon, Walmart and on-line.
But as close as I can tell, none are scaled for fashion doll clothes at this time.

In closing...
While I acknowledge that it's August and ~hot~ outside, 
I also know we need projects to keep the kids busy while out of school!
This simple idea might help😎

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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