Saturday, July 30, 2022

Dollar Store Velour Look Pumpkins -Barbie Size 1:6 Scale

Please believe me when I say we here at DIY Barbie Blog are well aware that it's summer and we're just entering into the hottest month of the year... ~But~ you have to buy it when you see it, and Dollar Tree has some great 1:6 scale pumpkins for Barbie play and doll house decorating:@) Velvet and velour pumpkins have been all the rage for years, and Barbie says the trend isn't going anywhere soon. So... I bought a pick of three pumpkins, in various sizes, at DT when I saw it. 

Barbie with the largest pumpkin, 
approximately 2 1/4":

And the smallest pumpkin,
approximately 1 3/4":

Important tip:
Don't try to pull the pumpkins off of the pick,
it's best to cut them off of the wire instead.

Grab it when you see it, and...
Stay cool😎

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