Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Outside of the box... Upcycled Ken Bracelet from Recyclables (Barbie)

The idea behind this post is not to show how to make a Ken bracelet from packaging headed to the recycling bin... But ~it is~ about looking at items to see what else they might be. My favorite projects take something headed to the trash can and using it in a fun way for doll play. This male doll bracelet is just that! This little plastic clip came as protection for an on/off button. As soon as I took it off I saw a doll bracelet! It was a little too wide for Barbie and Curvy Barbie, didn't even fit them as an ankle bracelet... But it did fit Ken, and especially if you have a broad Ken. I only needed to find a bead that fit inside the hole. I'll continue to look for a really cool bead, but for now, Ken says this gold one matches his shirt just fine:@)

The plastic clip around the button of lighted tweezers:

Ready to be embellished,
just needs a bead and a little glue.
Or maybe a graphic of a wristwatch face😉

Let's look at things creatively,
and have a happy day😎

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  1. Very cool...I know--it's crazy to be standing next to the garbage can and turning something over and over in your hand before you throw it away!!!Great catch on this one...and it's really COOL!


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