Monday, May 23, 2022

Barbie Easy Summer Tops from Wire Edge Ribbon -No Sew

Today we're channeling our inner Daisy Duke:@) My inspiration was a really cute pink ribbon with white polka dots from Dollar Tree. It is 1.5" wide and has wire edges. I'm showing a couple options, each comes together in no time (well, as long as it takes for the hot glue gun to heat up)... These ideas will literally fit any size doll, standard, Curvy Barbie, skipper, and a thin ribbon would even work for Chelsea. And of course, you could use any ribbon design, red, white and blue for the summer holidays would be really fun!

Literally cut a length of ribbon long enough to easily wrap around chest and tie closed.
I removed the wire for this one.
The idea is to tie it as tightly as you can, double knot, then trim the loose ends,
creating a cute little bow.

Cut length of ribbon long enough for about 1 1/2 times needed to wrap around chest.
Holding wire, gather ribbon to create cute puffy top.
Once it fits around the doll:
I folded each end over a good 1/4" or more,
folded the wire over the area I planned to hot glue,
and hot glued velcro, over the wire, to each side.
Then trimmed the excess wire off.
Scrunch the gathers towards the front to dress doll.
Optional: Glue on thin coordinating ribbon as shoulder straps.
Super easy😎

I'd say the girls look like they're ready for a picnic,
canoeing, hiking,
or any summer activity the Ken dolls have planned!

Make something just for fun,
and have a happy day😊

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