Saturday, April 2, 2022

Spotted at Walmart -Barbie Finds Easter 2022

Wanted to mention a few things I saw at Walmart this morning that would be fun for the kid's Easter baskets... While this Hot Wheels car isn't exactly Barbie branded (like the dream camper was last Christmas), it sure would be fun for girls! Love the pink wheels and great colors... 

But the best part is,
there's an actual bubble wand and reservoir for bubbles on the car!
I'm sure the idea is to wet the wand and push the car to make bubbles...
We'll test that out later😉

They are in the big holiday displays in the middle of the isle.
Nice to see ~something~ is still under $1...

And there was a pallet of Barbie:

Of course pink eggs:@)

And this is the first time I've seen the Barbie pets Easter eggs this year,
so there were quite a few boxes still pretty full.

All of this in addition to the Easter items we talked about HERE.
Don't forget folks, Easter is April 17th this year, 
and while that may seem weeks away...

The bunny says,
It will be here before we know it🐰

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