Monday, January 10, 2022

Hooded Poncho or Cape for Barbie -Free Pattern DIY

Have you noticed Mattel doesn't make many coats or cold weather gear for Barbie? Let's warm that girl up a bit... I sketched a quick pattern for a two piece hooded poncho, with an even easier option to make it a cape if preferred:@) This is a cute craft that comes together in minutes, and recycling an old, well-worn sweatshirt means not having to worry about fraying or hems. And it only calls for one or two seams, so it's a nice beginner sewing project for kids too. The front of the poncho is sewed closed, the cape would drape over the shoulders with the front remaining open, it can be tied closed or secured with a button at the neck.

I'm a sucker for fun sewing trims,
 this fringy brown embellishment is from the thrift store😎
I'm thinking you could make the ponchos from felt too,
although that fabric might be a little stiff.

The pattern:

What I did, backstitching seams, 1/4" seam allowance:
  • Fold fabric in half, cut two pieces. I used the fuzzy/bumpy inside of the sweatshirt as the outside of my poncho.
  • With right sides together sew up back and around top of hood.
  • If making poncho, sew up from bottom front to under hood/neck. Turn right side out. Make two cuts up each side of the front so the doll's arms are free to move. I'd make my cuts a little closer to the sides next time. Add fancy trim if desired, mine is glued on.
  • If making cape, turn right side out, glue or sew 12" ribbon to center back of hood to tie closed around neck. Or sew on button and cut small button hole on other side.
  • No sew option: I'm sure you could glue the seams as an easy option.

Barbie says, let's all stay warm this winter...

And have a happy day⛄

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  1. Totally adorable...! I am going to have to make these---someday, chuckle!

  2. One of these days I have to get serious and start sewing my granddaughter some Barbie clothes and you bet your blog WILL be my go-to resource. I love your ideas!


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