Saturday, December 4, 2021

Thrift Store Score! Bags of Barbie Items...

This never happens here folks... One of my Saturday stops is a local thrift store and I almost fell over when I saw two big bags of assorted doll clothes on the shelf for $6. As I spun the bags I could see Barbie items, and knew there were some for 18" dolls too. I decided to treat myself to a little holiday adventure and bought both bags:@) 

After almost 2 hours of sorting and unsticking velcro...
Items from Barbie, Brats, LOL, Glitter Girls, princess dolls and clones:

A few Ken things too...
Is that one piece suit an Elvis costume, ice skating outfit or from a holiday doll?
Smaller Chelsea/Stacy doll things in the back.

Most don't appear to be very old, pretty new actually.
Anyone know anything about that floral dress in the lower right with the aqua bow?
That seems to be the only thing that ~might~ be older.
Lovin' that silver bubble dress in the upper right😎

And Barbie is already eyeing that pretty gold dress in the lower left for New Year's Eve😉

Shoes and pets:

My favorite new dog.
He's a bobble head! No idea if it's Mattel, but I love the pose and he will be used in pics.

Well folks, that gives you an idea of what was included. 
I have a bag of things I couldn't use headed back to the thrift store for resale, 
and some things just needed to be tossed.
While I can't photograph everything, rough counts of what I kept are:
Pants/shorts - 21
Dresses - 18
Shirts/Jackets - 24
Skirts - 10
Ken clothes - 11
Uniforms/costumes - 8
Shoes - 12
Bride and Groom outfit -1
Chelsea doll - 1
Lots of smaller Chelsea/Kelly size clothes, household littles, helmets, etc.

What's my doll wearing from her new stash?
We're keeping it weekend casual, the 3/4 sleeve t-shirt is so cool:
As time goes on, if I find things that don't fit Barbie, 
I'll just send them back to the thrift store for the next person with the right doll.

I also kept the Mattel mismatched shoes. 
If I can get good pics I'll list them in case anyone is looking for something particular. 
I see a ski boot and UGG that make me think someone might be looking for a match.

~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

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