Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Elf Shoes for Ken Doll DIY -Barbie Ornament #6

These Elf Shoes, or slippers, for Ken just make me smile folks. Super easy, super silly, and just a perfect little craft to add to everyone's Christmas fun:@) We start with an elf legs ornament, I've seen them at Dollar Tree and Walmart. This is a deconstructing craft that really only requires scissors and about 15 minutes of your time. I did try this last year, and um, that was a total bloggy blooper. But I'm happy with the way these turned out...

What I started with:

What I did:
Cut the legs off, remove wire if there is any (Dollar Tree no, Walmart yes).
What I goofed up last year: I removed ~all~ of the stuffing.
This works best if we remove it from the legs, but keep it in the shoes. 
Tweezers work well to help grab the stuffing if needed.
Optional, add a dab of glue to the cut edge of each seam to keep it from coming apart.
Push (and smoosh) Ken's feet into the shoe stuffing until they fit. 
I chose to pull the socks up over long pants, the pants keep them up.
Optional for shorts:
Glue some ribbon onto the top back of each sock,
  it can be tied in a bow in front to keep them up on the legs.

Barbie will be happy to see Ken got some of the decorating done😉

After my blooper, 
I started drawing a pattern so we could make the shoes from felt.
But these ornaments are so inexpensive, 
come in really cute colors, great designs, ~and~ are already decorated...
This project is too easy to pass up from the stores😎

Make something just for fun and have a jolly day🎅

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  1. Love Ken's T-shirt!! And is elf shoes are pretty darn cute!

  2. Oh, Lynn! What fun... and another brilliant idea. Too cute!!!Hugs, and you ARE having a Merry Holiday!!!


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