Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Gift Alert! Barbie Fashion Greeting Cards Christmas/Birthday/You're Special, etc.

I have to be honest folks... I love these cards! How special for a girl to receive a little extra gift from Grandmom in the mail (or Grandpop, a favorite aunt/uncle, Godmother, neighbor, you get the idea)... We all love surprises, well, a brand new Barbie outfit comes with these vintage/retro greeting cards. From what I read, Mattel marketed these in the mid 1990's and mine says 1995. Between Etsy and Ebay I've seen them for birthdays, Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas and even an any-day "you're special". As with everything, prices vary, so you might want to pour a cuppa, get comfortable, and do a little internet searching. But if your girl is into Barbie, I'm sure you'll be a rock star by sending her one of these greeting cards:@)

Mine came completely factory sealed in a plastic cover and looked even better in person!
The card part is the small flap with snowflakes and there's a space that says:
Love, Barbie and ___________.
The dress is held onto the card with thread in three spots that is easily cut and discarded.
How the card looks once the dress is removed:

And of course Barbie wanted to model it for us...

Tip: Only want to pay for shipping/postage once? 
Communicate with the shop owner and ask them to sign the card for you 
and mail it directly to the recipient instead of you.

Best search words = Barbie Fashion Greeting Cards
*A word of caution* 
Etsy search may pull up some adult only listings... Ebay is pretty tame.
I did try to find one shop to share that had many to choose from, no luck so far.

Oh, and the dress does come with an authentic Barbie label too😎

The holidays are coming folks... 
Just sayinπŸ˜‰

~Have a happy day!

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