Sunday, July 18, 2021

Barbie Halter Top with Beaded Necklace -Free Pattern

We're into the dog days of summer folks... Here's a quick little halter top that's just a tad fancier because there's a beaded necklace that holds it up around the neck. I found these aqua beads in the 98¢ bin at Walmart and thought they were the perfect color for summer. One pattern piece, a few hems, string some small beads on wire and wa-la, we have a cute Barbie shirt! The most involved part is adding the shirt to the necklace... But it's really not difficult.

What I did:
  1. Cut one piece.
  2. 1/4" hem all around. Suggested sewing order: Sides, bottom, under arms.
  3. Fold tip towards inside, with needle and thread, gather the very top and scrunch it together, sew it together.
  4. Create necklace using my technique HERE, being sure to keep your beads to an odd number**.
  5. Sew top onto middle bead of necklace. You have options... Sew thread around each side of the middle bead as I did for this top. **Or, when you're making the necklace add a long piece of string to the middle bead ~before~ you add it onto the wire. You'll use that string to sew the top to the necklace.
  6. Add a snap or velcro closure to the top of the back.
  7. Done😊
The pattern:

The finished top:
(I sewed my bottom first on this one, I do suggest the order given above.)

The back:

How to make a super easy, no hem, Ken tank top here
Now Barbie and Ken have matching outfits for the luau😎

🌴Make something summery and have a happy day🌴

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  1. I love this. I think Mattel actually did a few of this style in the past. This is an easy cute project for kids, too. Favorite things under beads, lol. Sandi

  2. Barbie looks great, I'd like a top like that myself!


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