Saturday, June 19, 2021

Barbie 4th of July Parade Parasol/Umbrella -Recycled Snack Cup

This little project was fun folks! Barbie asks, did you hear the news? Life is starting to get back to normal and most places will be celebrating the 4th of July this year... So we made an easy, yet very festive parasol for the parade. All it takes is a recycled fruit snack cup, some fabric, a food pick, and then, as I always say, anything from your craft stash for embellishing to take it over the top. We like big, festive holidays here at DIY Barbie Blog:@)

What I did:
  • Wash and dry 4 oz fruit cup.
  • Carefully make hole in the center of the umbrella top (which was the bottom of the cup). Perhaps a Dremel is best, I twisted the point of a sharp knife back and forth, ~please~ be careful.
  • I used one of those wooden food skewers you buy for shish-ka-bobs for the pole. Giving yourself about 1/2" from the pointed end, wrap duct tape or masking tape around the pole. This is simply to act as a stopper so the cup doesn't slide down the pole through the hole.
  • I folded my fabric in half, then in half the other way creating a point (north/south/east/west). Measured 3 1/4" from the point and made marks all the way around so I could cut a quarter circle that opened into a circle. I did use pinking shears.
  • *At this point... If you choose to embellish the bottom of the umbrella (the fabric that hangs down), sew or glue it on now. I had a string of blue sequins I glued onto the fabric. 
  • Run some glue around the outside of the top of the umbrella where the cup begins to bend, a wetter craft glue would be best to give time to position and move around.
  • Poke the point of the skewer through the center of the fabric and let fabric drape down over cup. Press fabric down and hold in place until the glue begins to hold. 
  • Run glue around the bottom and position fabric as you like so it looks like an umbrella.
  • Embellish top point of umbrella with something... I had a tinsel food pick, you could use a bead, pom-pom, scrunch up some garland and glue it on, etc. Please make sure the point is either completely covered up or cut off if a child will play with this. 
  • Trim pole length as desired, I suggest not cutting it too short and gluing a bead onto the bottom.
  • My doll is holding the umbrella for pictures with the help of glue dots and that red pipe cleaner we hope kinda looks like a bracelet๐Ÿ˜‰
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