Saturday, February 13, 2021

Dollar Tree Alert! Clone Barbie Career Outfits (Beware!) and 1:6 Scale Fabric

I found some newly stocked pegs in the toy section of Dollar Tree this morning, they had at least six careers outfits to choose from. I picked up the singer with microphone and stand (silver dress would be fun for the holidays too), military with shoes and dark sunglasses, and the veterinarian with shoes and (the real reason I got it...) super cute little furry puppy:@) They also had doctor, baker and equestrian, and maybe one or two more? Now, I'd like to give a review below so you know what you are buying and your girl isn't disappointed... 
  • The silver skirt fits fine and the top goes around the body well. But the collar is sewed closed and doesn't have velcro to secure around the neck. You would need to cut it open and hot glue some on.
  • The camouflage outfit is a body suit and the pants are way too tight to fit over any Barbie hips. I did manage to ~squeeze~ them over an older 2016 Dollar Tree doll though. 
  • The white outfit is made of a stretchy polyester type fabric with elastic waist and fits fine. 
  • My recent experience has been, if a Dollar Tree outfit comes with fitted pants in a non-stretch fabric, they will not fit Barbie. Tops, for the most part, seem to be ok.
I also found this cute fat quarter of fabric in a perfect 1:6 scale too:

I draped it over Curvy Barbie so you could get a good feel for the size of the print...
Love the colors, reminds me of spring!

Good luck shopping and 
Have a Happy Weekend😉


  1. How are the accessories? I sometimes think those are likely the things that are the most useful in some of these sets. Do the shoes fit? I remember this being a huge issue when making Barbie stuff for my nieces. Nobody was selling shoes then. The extras like sun glasses, pets, etc. aren't a bad deal for $1 even when the clothes aren't great.

    1. Hello, yes with this series the shoes do fit. Hard plastic, but the sneakers have a slit in the back, and the heels can be squeezed on too. The glasses are a little small for her head, microphone stand goes up to her hip, but the microphone itself is a decent size:@)

  2. Hi, Lynn. I have found that some of their outfits are super for teen skipper or any older Disney body as they are a bit slimmer. I have even used some pieces on Stacie dolls. But, for a dollar they are a buy! Hugs, Sandi


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