Friday, February 5, 2021

Barbie's Super Bowl LV Party -2021-

Ken wanted to show off his new Fan Cave, so Barbie invited a few close friends over to watch the Super Bowl. It was a family and pet friendly gathering. And of course, football = lots of good food and snacks. And much like real life... The kids were exited and all over the place! 

Pre-game, the guys watching TV and dreaming of their high school glory days...

Since our team isn't in the big game *sigh* we made sure both were represented.

The game room before the party...

Isn't it a rule that you have to have some kind of pizza on Super Bowl Sunday???


Bonding, and a teaching moment?

The Grill King gets to choose the foosball side that faces the TV.

Burgers and brats just beginning to brown on the balcony...

Time for a quick game during half time.

Everyone getting comfortable for the rest of the football game...

And yes, girls do like football too!
Well, and maybe a little girl talk...

Barbie says get your popcorn ready, it should be a fun game...

And Ken says woo-hoo it's red solo cup time!
He promised Barbie he'd only have one😎

The doll house before and after, click here for renovation details:

Well folks, another football season is coming to an end,
this has to be one of the most highly anticipated Super Bowls I can ever remember...
Lots of story lines, history being made, and intrigue.

πŸ†We wish you all a ~Super Sunday~ enjoy🏈

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  1. Oh, Lynn. You had way too much fun...doing this great party. I know Superbowl parties are on the 'no' list this year, but the dolls can have one! Great details! Sandi

    1. I'm living vicariously through the dolls:@) A fan cave in real life isn't practical, love Barbie's!

  2. It was fun to show the dolls having a party. Hopefully we all can too one day soon:@)

  3. Oh Lynn, that is the cutest set-up ever!! You are so creative. I love all the furniture, outfits, games, food, decor..everything about it. You have more fun and we get to enjoy your talents.

    1. Thanks Kitty, I have been having fun with the dolls:@)


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