Thursday, December 31, 2020

Most Popular Barbie Posts 2020 -Happy New Year!

Well, we made it folks, I know most of us are ready to move on to a new year and hope it's a much better one! I thought I'd start this year end recap with my own favorite picture from 2020... It seems apropos as Barbie is toasting everyone a Happy New Year! The post here talks about how to make an easy throw blanket and pillow for Barbie, a good project for beginning knitters. I do still occasionally see this fun fuzzy sparkle yarn at Dollar Tree, although any yarn would be fine.

The three most popular reader crafts in 2020:

(I had no idea how life was about to change when I created this post back in March...)

What did these popular posts show me?
That we are a diverse group of crafters looking for quick and easy projects for our girls...
Yet, not afraid of using a sewing machine too!
Which is nice for my little Barbie World here, that means, anything goesπŸ˜‰
I hope to keep the ideas coming in 2021.

🎈Happy New Year Everyone!
I wish you all a very healthy and happy 2021😊


  1. Brilliant as always, it makes me happy to see Ken masked up and being responsible.


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