Thursday, November 12, 2020

Knit Barbie Winter Vest -Free Pattern -Easy Two Pieces

I updated an easy knit outerwear Barbie vest I posted years ago by using the fun fuzzy sparkle yarn from Dollar Tree. This is a project that comes together fairly quickly and a girl can most likely make for herself. The vests are simply constructed from a square for the back and a long rectangle. The rectangle wraps around the doll's neck-creating a collar and the front panels. Then it gets sewn to the sides, leaving a hole for each arm. 

I love this project for a few reasons:
  1. They are cute and fashionable and I think they'd appeal to most girls.
  2. Mattel doesn't mass market a lot of outerwear for Barbie.
  3. Different yarns will give you different looks.
  4. It's a perfect little project to help teach your girl to learn to knit.
  5. And you can quickly whip a few up if you're looking for a little extra gift for the holidays. An experienced knitter can probably get one done in about an hour or so. And as you'll see below... The schematic was designed for real people, maybe make one for your girl ~and~ a matching one for her doll.
  6. I'm sure if you prefer to crochet you can figure out how to make one by looking at the schematic below, I haven't tried it yet. Or I have a crochet pattern for a poncho here.
The $1 yarn I used:

Barbie relaxing in her vest with her new ~um~ lap dog...
I've been looking at these poodle ornaments from Walmart for years,
finally decided to pick up a white one. 
I'm going to cut the loop off and will work her into more pics😉
What to name her? Puff, Fluffy, Fancy... 

My original post showed a "down" version with worsted weight yarn (the garter stitch kinda reminds me of a puffy Lands End vest) and a faux fur (faux wool?) one with crazy $1 yarn from (the now closed) AC Moore. 

The best part about this vest idea is, the pattern was designed for real women! So if you'll stop by Laylock's site you can see the beautiful vest she made and get all her tips and instructions. I sincerely thank her for this great schematic that makes this pattern as easy as pie😉

Knit Outerwear Barbie Vest-Faux Down or Faux Fur-adapted from Coze: Easy Knit Vest Pattern
10MM needles, worsted weight or fuzzy yarn, all garter stitch. Try to knit loosely. Everyone knits differently, I suggest holding the project up the doll to determine if you need to add stitches or use larger needles.
Back: cast on 10, knit stitch until it reaches just under where Barbie's shoulder meets her arm. Approximately 14 rows. Bind off.
Sides: cast on 7, knit stitch until it reaches from the bottom of the back, wraps around the back of her neck, and down the other side to the bottom of the back. (Wrap it around her neck like a scarf.) Bind off.
Finish: Sew sides to the back (up approximately 1" from bottom of vest) leaving an opening big enough for an arm on each side. Then center the collar and sew it to the back all the way across the top of the square.
Note: If you use a thinner yarn you'll be able to fold the collar down like Laylock did, this thick/fuzzy yarn is too bulky for that.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎

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  1. Love these vests! And the "lap dog" hehe! :)

  2. These are adorable...loving the furry yarn. NUM! Pinned this like crazy, and I have some great yarns somewhere, lol. Hugs, Sandi


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