Saturday, November 7, 2020

1:6 Scale Canned Jellied Cranberry Sauce for Barbie -Pencil Grip & Button DIY

Thanksgiving at our house ~requires~ jellied canned cranberry sauce, no matter what other homemade offerings we have (like this amazing Cranberry Tangerine Chutney here). So I wanted to come up with an easy cranberry platter for Barbie, and I think I found it. It starts with a Dollar Tree pack of pencil grips and I used a fun retro-ish button for the dish. Gold... Well, let's just say it's Grandmom's special antique serving dish -k? Ok:@) Once you have whatever you're using for your dish (and if you come up with a clever recycling idea please do share in the comments), this project comes together in no time and it's so cute! If you have a larger platter, you could add a couple slices too.

What I did:
  1. My button came in a pack of vintage reproduction buttons, it's plastic. I cut the back loop off with wire cutters and popped the center detailing out. This left a dish-like indent.
  2. Using the size of your serving dish as a guide... Cut about four-five-six rows off of pencil grip. If dish is long enough, also cut one or two "slices" off of grip. The grip is rubbery, I found scissors worked best.
  3. Carefully fill the center with hot glue, let dry. Tip: I placed it on a piece of parchment paper with the opening down on the paper, filled it and tamped the top down flat holding a folded piece of parchment. The key is to get the whole center filled solid. Let sit until set, go on to next piece if making slices. 
  4. Once dried, I pulled/cut glue strings off to make it as smooth as possible. Then "painted" the whole thing with shiny nail polish in a cranberry color. You could also let a little ooze onto the plate to represent a little liquid. 
  5. Glue to dish.
  6. Barbie says dinner is served!
What I started with:

~Make something just for fun and have a happy holiday season!

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  1. How smart is this idea for miniature cranberry sauce! It really does look like the real thing.

  2. So much fun, and I'm loving the aprons too!

  3. I've used these a lot, trying to figure out how to make them into earrings for the dolls so they can have matching sets. Hugs, Sandi

    1. Still one of the best ideas----though I haven't seen any of these pencil grips for awhile now??

  4. Bummer, I do still look and it's hit or miss here.

  5. You are too clever with the dish and cranberry sauce. It looks so really!! I love the aprons, too.


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