Thursday, October 22, 2020

Barbie's Halloween Costume 2020- Leopard Plush Fur Jumpsuit

I found this fun 1:6 scale leopard faux fur costume on Etsy and I have to say, it's super cute (and I'm sure warm:@) I don't have any idea if it's a true Barbie outfit, from another doll series or homemade, there isn't a tag. No luck doing a quick Google search either. The neck closure is a metal snap and it has a cool tail. How to make a cat ears headband here.

I thought it would look a little more stylish and Barbie-like with a tight belt around the waist, 
just to give it a little more shape.  
And while I haven't tried it (yet), I think it might fit on the thinner Ken dolls too...
You know, in case my doll crew wants to reenact Cats or something😎

Batman says, while not the Catwoman I'm used to...

This is still a purr-fect way to spend a cool fall night at the bonfire😉

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Happy Halloween Season Everyone-Have Fun!

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