Monday, August 3, 2020

Slipcover for Dollar Tree 1:6 Scale Barbie Chairs -Free Pattern & Easy Tutorial

I'm sure we've all noticed that toys and other items have become a little scarce in 2020... But the 1:6 scale doll house furniture at Dollar Tree is actually made here in the USA, so it's one item that has been replenished regularly. Barbie says that's a good thing:@) I picked up an extra set of the kitchen chairs (you get two for $1), because I thought it might be fun to add a slipcover so I could use them as livingroom furniture. Or with a fancier fabric, maybe diningroom or bedroom chairs. It turned out to be an easier project than anticipated, so I wanted to share the pattern and tutorial.

I used denim from an old pair of jeans for a casual every day look.
What I did:
Cut a rectangle, 4" wide by 16" long.
Add 1/4" hem to each short 4" side (I frayed the denim instead).
Lay the fabric over the chair, wrong side out. Let the back side of the chair touch the floor, drape fabric over the top of the chair, push against the bend/crease in seat, and flatten it onto the seat. Place a pin on each side where the back of the chair meets the seat (see pic below).
Sew 1/4" hem up each side of the chair back of the slipcover, back stitch at start and finish.
Turn right side out and push the two corners out.
Sew 1/4" hem (or use Liquid Stitch) down the four remaining unfinished sides.
Note: At this point you have a simple chair covering. Option, glue or sew ribbon to the open lower sides to tie a decorative bow on each side. 

I also made one in a Christmas fabric.
This one has the bottom hems, I simply frayed the denim on the bottom.

Another idea, wrap some ribbon around the lower back...
This Philadelphia Eagles ribbon is 5/8" wide.

The chairs I started with (although mine are hot pink):

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊 

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  1. The placemat made a nice ~smooth~ easy floor covering:@) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Go Iggles! Lol ... not a sports fan, me, but I recognized the logo. Triggered.

    I got the hot pink chairs, too. They will definitely need covers ;-) Thanks for sharing this quick pattern.

    1. I love pink, but, Barbie sure has a lot of it! Thanks for stopping by:@)

  3. I picked up five sets of these, one went to the Salvation Army giving tree. A little gal wanted to play house with her new Barbie. I haven't painted them yet, but was thinking of doing some sort of slip cover, this is simple and clever, and can be changed out! Winter! Hugs, Sandi

  4. This is such a cute idea, Lynn. I’m going to be checking out Dollar Tree for some furniture. I’m thinking my two little granddaughters would like this at my house.


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