Monday, July 13, 2020

Full Figured Barbie Type Doll -Attempt #1, Bloggy Blooper???

I saw a KickStarter idea that was really neat, and honestly, I'm disappointed the dolls weren't marketed. It was called Curvy Girls and the originators wanted to create dolls that more closely represented themselves. Their dolls are a little more on the heavier side, just like a lot of real people. The biggest complaint about Barbie has always been, no female could ever really look like that... Well, here was an idea to make real life 1:6 scale dolls. I was fascinated.

Once a thought gets stuck in my head, the only way to move on is to do it... So I tried to think about how I could make this type of doll. Introducing my Full Figured Fashion Doll, also known as Bubble Wrap Barbie😉 Full disclosure/disclaimer: Nothing about this doll is Barbie branded and no Mattel parts were used. She's just a rainy day craft.

My goal was to create a new body shape to add to pictures. I wasn't concerned about being able to pose this doll, there are ~plenty~ of Barbies and Kens in the world that can only stand there looking pretty. My new girl would be among that group. She'd need a loose long sleeved top to help make the arms look more proportioned...

I started with a Dollar Store fashion doll body and replaced the head with one I already had. I like that her face is a little rounder, I think that helps add to the look I was aiming for. I also like that this body is shorter, it's even shorter than Skipper. Here she is with a few layers of bubble wrap on top and bottom, I'm keeping the waist thinner. I then taped some extra to the front of the chest, stomach and butt.

A side view:
I need to work on her arms and legs... 
My girl was now ready to be dressed.
(This is my favorite pic of the whole project, I think it shows the proportions best.)

So there you have it folks, my first attempt.
Far from perfect, but at least I tried😉
While I'm pleased Mattel has begun offering more body types and looks,
I hope they keep expanding for even more real world inclusion.

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!


  1. Kudos for trying. I think the issues with all the dolls, is ...we humans come in so many shapes and sizes. I haven't seen any dolls with thicker arms (my personal issues) or even ages. Unless it was a OOAK specialty doll. Whether Mattel will survive, putting so much energy and time into all the different types they are making ==we will see. There have been a couple of independent doll lines that have done a really different take on fashion dolls, thicker, jollier and/or older and they have not survived. Since Barbie collectors(not players) are so old, I would think they would embrace and older looking Barbie.

    1. Yep, I was asking for a lot... Oh well, this was a fun project for a rainy afternoon! Have a nice week Sandi:@)

  2. Hi Linda, the KickStarter said they ended it in June 2019. I didn't even see it until a few weeks ago. Thanks for stopping by!

    PS-Just wanted to offer another idea for a pregnant Barbie:


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