Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Barbie's 4th of July Parade!

When I was a kid, folks would decorate their bikes with streamers and balloons for the 4th of July and join the local parade. Do people do that any more? I think I even remember baby strollers being decorated... And while I know we probably won't be having parades this year, I thought I'd give a little wink and nod to what seemed like simpler times:@) Barbie, Ken, Kelly and Ruff (who has quickly become my favorite pet with the bent ears and tail) are all decked out in red, white and blue and ready to join in the fun! And, of course it's hot in July, so they are all set for a BBQ and cool dip in the pool later in the day too.

I've made Barbie size balloons from ping-pong balls before, 
this time I used mini Christmas ornaments wrapped with pipe cleaners.
The red and blue are glass, fine for pictures but plastic might be best for kids.

R,W&B fans on the spokes and sparkle tinsel on back of bike are holiday toothpicks.
You tend to accumulate such things when you have a food blog tooπŸ˜‰

 Kelly's cute dress is a 50¢ thrift store find. I handed the doll it was on back for resale, 
only wanted the red, white and blue dress😊

From all of us here at DIY Barbie Blog,
we wish you a very happy, and peaceful, 4th of July weekend-enjoy!

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  1. I think small towns still do parades like you mentioned but probably not this year. So thanks for the parade, it's really cute! Happy 4th!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Chris-Wishing you a fun 4th:@)

  2. Oh, Lynn, I was just thinking about my childhood and doll buggy parades, this is so cute! if I could get into my doll room, I would definitely stage a kid parade! Have a great weekend, Sandi

    1. That would be fun to see Sandi! Happy 4th:@)


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