Saturday, June 20, 2020

Red, White and Blue Bathing Suit -Walmart Barbie

There is no doubt about it, I have a soft spot for the red, white and blue! I've seen similar inexpensive dolls with the painted flag bathing suit at Walmart in years past, they usually come out in time for July 4th. This year I decided I liked her look and added her to my Barbie Army. Only five points of articulation, shoulders, hips and neck. But her hair is variegated with at least two and I'm thinking(?) three browns and shiny highlights. Pretty face and great smile too.

One thing I like about this doll, while the elbows don't have articulation, 
the arms are a softer plastic. 
So you can position them using glue dots or rubber bands to help hold items.

Simple Barbie doll, $4.94 at Walmart.

The girls loaded up the car and headed to the shore for the day!
Knock-off doll car, $1 from the thrift store... ~But~ it does have a made in the USA stickeršŸ˜‰
No-sew bathing suit from ribbon here.

How to make a Barbie necklace here.

~Grab it if it makes you smile and have a happy day!

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