Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Lattice Topped Pie for Barbie from Masking Tape

This lattice topped pie is a last minute craft I put together this morning before work. I started with masking tape, a dinner plate from a Barbie play set and a cotton ball. I used standard 3/4" masking tape. Pulled about 4" pieces off and folded them in half lengthwise (sticky side to sticky side). They were then cut in half lengthwise to create the thinner pieces. From there they get woven together, a standard over-under type weave creating a rough square. I taped all four sides down so it would stay together, placed a cotton ball on the plate to make a mounded pie and laid the lattice over the plate. Hot glued the crust all around the edge of the plate, then trimmed it round around the edge of the plate. I colored the edges of the crust a bit with a brown pencil. Wa-la, apple pie for dessert:)

Barbie says it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pie...  
 I'll probably still work on this, adding more color and tweaking a bit,
but for now I'm tickled😉

Make something just for fun and enjoy the holidays!

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