Saturday, August 3, 2019

Simple Tulle Fringe or Ruffle Dress for Kelly Doll -No Sew Option (Barbie)

I found a cute little Kelly doll at the thrift store (lovin' the short hair, and curled up-doo) and brought her home hoping to come up with some ideas for her. Now, I do acknowledge that this little tulle fringe dress requires a special fringe trim that most folks probably don't have... ~But~ something similar could also be made from 3/4"-1" ruffle or a little gathered material. 3/16" ribbon creates the bodice/straps and I used hot glue, you could also sew this dress together.

✂The tulle sewing trim I found on clearance:

What I did for the dress:
Wrap ruffle around doll's waist, over lap cut ends by about 1/4"

Hot glue Velcro to the ends.
Hot glue 2" of ribbon to the inside center of the skirt. 

 Hot glue the straps to the back of the skirt.
Make sure you turn the ribbon before gluing it. Please put the skirt on the doll and wrap the straps over her shoulders and lay them on the waistband, you'll see what I mean.

This is a cute little dress that basically costs pennies
using supplies any sewer or crafter probably has on-hand.

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