Monday, July 22, 2019

Dollar Store Headband Long Barbie Dress, Check and Plaid, No-Sew Option

Barbie says check print and plaid really never go out of style folks... So, I grabbed a cute black and white headband at Dollar Tree as soon as I noticed the checks were a perfect 1:6 scale. I had two ideas in mind, I'll share the long gown version today, and the shorter dress soon. If you're more interested in making a shirt with the gathered top, simply cut it shorter.

A full view of the dress.
I think this can be both dressed up fancy ~or~ rather casual, cool and breezy for the summer.
And of course a 3" wide headband in any color or design would work great.

My headband inspiration:

Cut the scrunched part off of the headband. You'll see that it's gathered and sewn to the elastic on the ends. 
Be sure to cut it off ~after~ the seam so it stays gathered. 

Trim the cut ends to about 1/8"-1/4".

Hot glue (or sew) velcro to the ends of the gathered piece. 
The cut ends are kind of thick, so I glued velcro directly onto the cut ends.

I used hot glue for the whole dress, you could use Liquid Stitch or sew the rest of the dress on.
I started with a little hot glue on the center front.

 Then I glued the ends to the center of the back.

 A few other dots of glue around the gathered band, cut dress to desired length and it's done!
This project would be easy to sew too,
simply gather the opening of the dress and sew it loosley to the elastic band top.

A quick pic of the back:
(Please note: I knew the back seam would not be centered, 
I purposely wanted the plaid to be off center on the front.)

Slip the dress on your Barbie, add a little blingy jewelry and admire your new 50¢ gown😉

I've made a few more headband garment crafts:

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