Thursday, July 18, 2019

Curvy Barbie Makeover, New Hair Style -Attempt #2

I found a Curvy Barbie on clearance a while ago but just wasn't thrilled with her hairstyle, so I decided to try to give her a new look... My original doll:

Attempt #1: Pinterest led me to a You Tube video where the lady pulled the doll's hair back into a pony tail and then cut the long hair off. In the video the doll then had a really cute bob haircut. My attempt... Not so much. While I wasn't too happy with this hair style, I did use an orange Sharpie and turned her into a redhead. Love-love-love the red hair with the green/gray eyes!

I decided it was the longer hair towards the front I didn't care for, so next I trimmed it at an angle so her hair would fall a little shorter at the sides in the front. I touched up the color and now have a doll with red hair, shiny gold highlights and a new hairstyle I think is pretty cute! Although, I'll probably still work on it...
One note of caution though, the Sharpie can stain the doll's face if her hair touches it, 
my doll does have orange ears now😯

My hat is off to all of you folks that restyle these dolls and make them look amazing!

💇Have a happy day~


  1. She looks great, and a tip for those wanting to age/change their dolls, not permanently. Chalk markers can highlight, gray or darken doll hair.I've even used for 'beards' on the guys.


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