Sunday, March 10, 2019

$1 St. Patrick's Day Barbie Dress from Dollar Tree Bow Tie -Picture Tutorial

This Dollar Tree Bow Tie Barbie Dress is one of those silly ideas I always have floating around in my head. Far from haute couture, this is intended to be something you do with the kids, just a quick little craft to have some fun with Barbie for St. Patrick's Day. If you're so inclined, I can see where darts, tucks and hems could/should be added, but... I'm guessing your girl would rather spend that time playing with her pinch-proof doll:) 
I will offer two options though, the one above where only the back fabric gets gathered for the neck,
and the one below where I ran the ribbon through all layers of the fabric creating a stand-up collar.

Start with a $1 bow tie. 

 Cut the center ribbon off and pull the elastic band (that's glued on) off of the bow tie.
Stretch the fabric back into a rectangle.

 Cut a length of at least 12" of thin ribbon, I used 1/8" wide. 
Thread it through a large eye needle and loosely thread it through the back fabric at one end of the bow tie. 
Make sure you catch the spongy batting but don't go through the thin blingy fabric on the front for the looser top...
 Or thread the ribbon through all of the layers for a collar.

 Scrunch and gather the fabric, this will create the front of the halter top of her dress. 

 Hold dress up to doll and estimate the middle of her back. 
Make a cut ~in only the thin fabric on the back of the dress~, leave at least 1/2" on each side. 
Also cut along the bottom of the back of the dress. 

 Slip the doll into the dress.
Tie the halter top around her neck.
Use another 12-14" piece of ribbon for a belt, Mine was 5/8" wide. This helps give the dress some shape.
Tie it around her waist, leave the long ends drape in front.

 Barbie says: Everyone wants to wear green on St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Now that's a clever upcycle! It would have never occured to me to use a bowtie! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty. We've just started a Facebook group called Creatively Crafty Showcase and you're invited to join us! It's another way to share this post and just about anything creative plus we'll have opportunities to interact/support each other. You'll find us here Hope to see you soon!


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