Thursday, February 7, 2019

Sling Baby Carrier for Barbie from Recycled Stray Sock

Do you have an old stray sock laying around? Perfect:) I'm having so much fun making things for my new Barbie baby! This will be my third recycling project, so far I've made a bassinet and a sled from empty bottles... And this Sling Baby Carrier from a Sock is the fastest craft yet! All it takes is 2 seconds, a sock (maybe a Sharpie) and a pair of scissors.

 Simply lay the baby on the heel of the sock and draw two lines on an angle. 
Be sure to leave about 1" at the narrow end. 

 Cut the sock.

Stretch it like a rubber band a few times to get the edges to roll,
this helps make it look a little more finished. 
(And might help contain a few little fuzzies from the raw edges of the sock😉

Put narrow end around Barbie's neck, fix her hair of course😎 and lay the baby in the heel of the sock.
 Now Barbie's ready to tackle some errands with baby all snug and sound! 

1 comment:

  1. Lynn, this is such a cute idea....and so simple any age could do it. Thanks for stopping by my blog---I am going to look at a few more posts.


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