Sunday, June 4, 2023

Easy Barbie Hat from Toe of Sock

Last week we made a quick hooded tunic from a recycled sock, and held onto the toe just in case... I decided it would make a cute little summer hat for sightseeing:@) This is a super quick, no-sew, little scrunchy type hat. I cut a small hole at intervals all the way around the toe. Making sure to have an even number of holes. Give enough room to make it look like there's a little brim on the bottom. Then thread a ribbon or yarn through the holes, or I used thin elastic (I save elastic whenever I see it, either from holiday candy boxes, or this was holding together a cheap pair of flip flops at the store). Then make the opening big enough to fit over the doll's head and tie a bow.

Tip: Aim for the bow to be somewhere other than the ends of the seam.
(Little toe, big toe ends.)
Mine is on the end and you can't see the bow very well.
Might reposition it later...

Here's a great tutorial for how to tie a flat bow if using ribbon:

Barbie says bye for now,
gotta run...
Have a lunch date at the Bistro😎

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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