Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Barbie Size Paper Pinwheel DIY

One of the newer Barbie playsets has a plastic pinwheel, and while it's cute, it doesn't spin. So I thought I'd whip up a small 1:6 scale paper pinwheel just for fun. My pinwheel consists of paper (thicker paper would be ideal, I used scrapbook paper), and craft wire. Does it really spin? In a good wind, yep:@) The bigger you make your holes, the better it spins. A sequin on the front and back may help it spin easier too.

A rough sketch of the pattern/idea:

✂What I did:
Cut the paper into a square, mine is 2".
Draw a diagonal line halfway to center from each point.
Cut halfway to center from each point.
Poke a hole in every other 'corner' and the center.
Cut approximate 4-6" of craft wire.
Push wire, from back to front, through center of pinwheel.
(Look at it like a flower.)
Bring one side of point towards center,
push the hole through the wire.
Do this with the other three sides.
Make a loop/circle on the end of the wire at center of pinwheel.
Make another loop/circle on the other side of the paper,
securing the pinwheel in place.
Bend wire 90 degrees creating the handle.
Bend wire around dolls hand to hold pinwheel.

A pic against the doll to show true 2" size:
Can you make them smaller?
If you have the patience of a saint😉

My inspiration:
Gold pinwheel on lower center.

Other summer crafts for Barbie play:

Barbie says let's embrace nicer weather and...

Have a happy day😎

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  1. Yours looks much nicer than the one piece plastic Barbie one!


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