Saturday, February 4, 2023

Two Pointed (Cat Ear) Hat for Barbie or Ken -Free Pattern DIY

These Two Pointed Hats for Barbie and Ken are super cute and you can whip a few up in no time. As with most things, what makes them special are the little touches, pom-poms, tassels or some baker string for ties. Use any fabric or recycled material that catches your eye, I've used a recycled sweatshirt and some team logo pajama material:@) Felt would work too.

Had to make an Eagles hat😎

The pattern:

✂What I did:
  1. Cut 2.
  2. Right sides together sew up one side, across top, down the other side. Leave the bottom opening unfinished.
  3. Snip points off of 'ears' above seam.
  4. Turn right side out, poke points with knitting needle, etc. to make them stand up.
  5. Finish hat with embellishments and sewing trim as desired. I used hot glue for my pom-poms and ties.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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