Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Barbie Dollhouse Kitchen Renovation -Baby Steps...

One of my son's hobbies is wood working, and while he'd rather not work in 1:6 scale, every once in a while he humors me:@) The plan all along was to open up the entire bottom space of the dollhouse as a kitchen. Originally the right side was the bathroom. The issue was a partial wall between the two rooms that added structure and stability to the livingroom floor above. 

The original dollhouse:
Scroll up and down a bit...
Getting better?😎

He built me a shelving unit to take the place of the partial wall.
We got a little goofed up on measurements,
that's totally on me-yep.
But we're working on it,
and for now, that old thread spool adds needed stability😉
Actually, I might just add a little greenery to the top,
that would work-done!

One of the things that tickles me is,
he made the vertical slats/dividers adjustable.
So I can work around whatever items I put on the shelves.
I thought that was pretty clever!

The preliminary long view furniture setup:

From the other side:

Obviously I'm just getting started with layout,
but I ~love~ the larger space.
Also love the dedicated table and seating area.

The open shelves not only unify the space,
they help add light for pictures too.
Looking forward to making a curtain rod and kitchen curtains...

Next up:
Finish wall papering and flooring.
Then, I'm thinking about painting the 
table, pink shelving unit and island white...
And wish list: A light for over the table.
We'll see😏
So that's what's happening in my little Barbie world
here in the middle of January folks.
Thought you might like to see an update.

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!


  1. Hi Lynn, I'm loving how all your pieces are fitting in...it looks so real! And, loving the support divider. I've been using columns and posts, but the divider idea might be perfect in the Victorian I just redid, that post drives me crazy, LOL. Hugs, Sandi

  2. Lynn, I am amazed at how cute all this is. How wonderful of your son to do this for you, and The room divider is really special. You have such a great time with this and you’re so creative.


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