Saturday, September 10, 2022

My Life 18" Doll Halloween Party Set for Barbie's World -Walmart

Continuing on with my suggestion that some of the play sets from the 18" doll, My Life series at Walmart are actually better suited to 1:6 scale and Barbie... There was an end display of two Halloween Party sets, and I just had to grab the one with the 'glass' candy jar! The tub for bobbing for apples is really cute (anyone remember bobbing for apples back when life was normal, pre-Covid???), and the chalk board sign will work for Cousin's Rube's Farm too. Now, did I get a great deal on this set? Ah, no. Paid full price. ~But~ as I've said many times, ya gotta grab it when you see it before it's gone, especially seasonal or holiday items... 
Rube's getting ready for fall festivities at the farm😎 The apples do come out, so they can be used as needed for pics. And the tub may be able to be used to water the animals too, we'll see...

The set:

I was very happy that the Halloween sticker on the jar came off cleanly😊 Now it looks more grown-up. The lid comes off so the candy can be changed out.

While the Jack-O-Lantern drinking bottles are large, I've seen people carrying something in a similar scale. Also, the straw does come out, so it can be used as a decoration, or it looks like a storage jar too.

Overall, it's a cute set. Candy jar (and candy) good to use in the doll house all year. Chalkboard for greeting folks at Rube's Peace and Pancakes Farm all year. And a couple Halloween props, not bad😎

🎃Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

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