Monday, April 11, 2022

Egg Planter & Barbie Crafts Using Plastic Easter Eggs

Let's use some of those colorful plastic Easter eggs for more than just hiding candy, shall we? I've seen different planter ideas for Barbie play and dioramas, and thought I'd whip one up for the blog. My contribution to the idea, using a shiny metallic 'prize' egg. I think that gives it a more grown-up, modern look. You could use any size egg, this is the standard 2 1/4" size. Simply cut the egg in half, flip the sides upside down and hot glue together. You can use either side for the plant stand.

I also gathered a few ideas from the archives.
All are cute little projects that come together quickly, 
and that baby carrier is sure to make the kids smile:@)

We made some Bunny Ear Hats for Chelsea:

And a cake dome from a clear egg:

Make something just for fun and have a Happy Easter🐣

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