Monday, February 14, 2022

♥Barbie (and Elvis?) at the Stores...

If you're looking for a little last minute Valentine's Day gift for your girl, this ~cute~ pink Barbie dress with red hearts is just perfect! It has a fun ruffle over one shoulder, red heels and a white bag. 
Of course, Valentine's Day is t-o-d-a-y... So it needs to be in stock, 
but my Walmart just put a couple full boxes on the shelf:@)

I stopped at the thrift store and was tickled to see a Barbie collector donated some dolls.
This is the young Elvis...
He looks like he has stage fright to me😉
Honestly, I like the guitar more than the doll...

And this super cute set:

This doll looks more like Elvis to me.

And that pink sweater is fantastic!
None of the dolls were fully articulated and the boxes were missing,
so I left them for someone else.
They had two NASCAR versions on the shelf too,
you never know what you'll find😎

💗Here's hoping you find something you love.
Have a happy day!

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  1. Fun post. Barbie and Elvis can go pretty steep, and then sometimes not bad at all---best to wait for a great set! Very cool, though!


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