Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Barbie Wrap Skirt from Dollar Store 2.5" Ribbon -Free Pattern & Tutorial

I started making Barbie clothes from a Dollar Tree roll of plaid Christmas ribbon last year, and challenged myself to see how many garments I can come up with from that one roll:@) Today's idea is super simple, a very basic, wrap skirt that takes about 10 minutes to make. I also like that this idea only calls for five straight seams, making it a nice easy project for young sewers. Now, I will be honest folks, while I ~love~ plaid... I'd choose a solid color or ribbon with an abstract design on it instead. Plaid can sew-up a little wonky and if you're like me, it might bug you that the lines aren't always exactly straight. But as for the projects themselves, all are fairly easy and the outfits are cute!
I like this picture and wanted to share a sweet moment between the dolls😉
They look like the best dressed couple at the Christmas party this year!

Here's a shot of the skirt:
Sparkly scarf = Eyelash yarn, large crochet hook and loose chain stitch.

What I did (all seams are back stitched):
  1. Cut three pieces of 4 1/2" long ribbon (my ribbon is thin, somewhat sheer and 2 1/2" wide). Pinking shears would help control fraying.
  2. Pull out wire if using wired ribbon.
  3. Lay two pieces of ribbon right sides together and sew 1/4" hem up long side of skirt. Repeat for the other side of the skirt. The center piece will be the back of the skirt.
  4. Fold bottom of skirt over about 1/2" and sew 1/4" hem.
  5. Fold top of skirt over about 1/2" and sew 1/4" hem. Please see pic below.
  6. Glue velcro closure for waist in two spots. It's best to just gauge where this should be by wrapping the skirt around your doll. One closure where the ribbon meets around the waist the first time, then another piece to secure the double wrapped flap. I used Dollar Store velcro, if you have a thinner velcro more suited to doll clothes it would lay flatter at the waist. Please see pic below.
Sewn together:

Velcro placement:

Links to last year's outfits:

And of course these cute little outfits don't need to be only for the holidays,
thin, sheer ribbon in any color or design would work great for any day. 

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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  1. The bodices look great! If you pull one of the the wires out, and ruffle by pulling the other can get some great ruffles. I used wire ribbon as one of the ruffles in my dia Mortes doll. Hugs, don't forget Sandi

  2. Wow, all three of these adorable Christmas outfits from ribbon. Very clever!


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