Friday, August 6, 2021

Summer Barbie: Posies and Pink

A small patch of weeds flowers started growing in the yard and I mowed around them for two weeks. Thought they might be a good size for a little Barbie fun:@) I wired some together into a wreath and decided to use my Fashionista Curvy Barbie with the bubble gum pink hair as a model. She was pleased to oblige...

I just love the pretty color of her hair and fantastic curls.

The pics feel rather Flower Child 1960-70's to me...
Kinda groovy😊

They are putting out Halloween at my thrift store...

🌼We wish you peace, love, and a pretty summer weekend

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  1. She looks cute! It could be Feverfew-Tanacetum parthenium, known as feverfew. It is an herb good for migraines and grows like a weed once it gets started. The wind or bird might have brought the seeds.

  2. Thanks, I have heard of feverfew... Never looked it up though:@)


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