Saturday, July 10, 2021

Summer Barbie Baby Color Reveal Doll Review

Apparently Mattel is having a lot of success with the color reveal line of Barbie dolls and pets. The latest series is for summer, and one offering is an adorable baby in a swimsuit that comes with a cute sun hat, little blanket/towel and the main reason I bought one... Either a bottle, or, and my fingers were crossed as I opened the package... a pacifier. Yep, I wanted the pacifier:@) They retail for $5 and have been sold out on Amazon, but I found an end display at Walmart today, July 10th-yay!

My review: 
The doll: She's all hard plastic and not articulated in any way. I will say the pose, with her sitting, hands in front, is really ~really~ cute. Her bathing suit has little ruffles on the butt, and she actually has chubby little baby legs! Love the bald head, and the one tuft of hair in front just makes me smile. While her head and eyes are a little larger than other Barbie babies... People do come in all shapes and sizes😉

The accessories: The hat is great, it is soft and rubbery, there are five possible colors. This hat will not fit any other Barbie dolls, not even Chelsea or Kelly. So I'll just use it as intended. The blanket/towel is cute, but very small, just like the ones that come with the other babies. Mine happens to have flamingos, so that makes me happy too. Same as the hats, there are five designs. The container can be used as a baby swimming pool or for storage, the lid does fit securely.
Picture from Mattel's site:

The pacifier: What can I say folks, this is absolutely adorable!!! I wanted one because it would add a different look for pictures. My wish would be that it was a solid color to show up better, but this clear pink one will work😎 It seems to fit snuggly, but may be getting a dab of super glue to make sure it doesn't get lost. 
A picture with a baby from the Babysitter Series for comparison:

The overall experience: Honestly, I personally am not a huge fan of the color reveal, but I do acknowledge I'm not the target demographic! I can see where kids would have fun opening each of the little packages and giving the doll a bath to finally see her. This would be a perfect party favor for birthday parties or sleepovers. Since mine came with the pacifier I am pleased, she will offer a different look and appears to be younger than the other Barbie babies. Overall, I'm tickled with this purchase.

Will this little cutie be worked into blog pics? 

~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

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