Saturday, April 3, 2021

Five Below Alert! 60th Birthday Ken and other 1:6 Scale Goodies

It's not often I'm at the shopping center that has Five Below when it's open. It's where my Walmart is and I like to get in and out early... But I was driving by today and stopped in, glad I did! They had 60th Anniversary/Birthday Ken. This was the only Ken they had, but I have to say I like him better than the blonde, which is a little too thin, IMHO. I also like the collared shirt, it will work for both summer and Christmas in a pinch (ha, or if Ken starts a Barbershop Quartet:@)  He comes with sandals, and while not as articulated as I would like, he can stand on his own, which is a bonus.

They also had three variety packs of the Totally Tiny food:
Chinese Food (I may have to go back), French Breakfast (which I have), and I chose Movie Night. 
Being from Philly, the pretzels just tickled meπŸ˜‰
They always have figural erasers, I wish I had that great drink in a coconut for my Cabo Vacation post!
Also love the flamingo as we're heading towards nicer weather...

So there you have it folks, just a few things I picked up on my rounds today.
I'll get Ken out of his packaging and work him into some pictures soon.
🐀I wish you all a very nice Easter Weekend-enjoy!🐰

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