Thursday, March 25, 2021

Love this big guy! 1:6 Scale Male Doll for Barbie Play and Dioramas

I'm always searching for different and interesting looking dolls for blog posts and pictures. This wonderful big guy is from the Harry Potter series (Rubeus Hagrid) and is the perfect size for Barbie's World. He also put that extra-extra large BMR hoodie to good use! He has wild and crazy long, somewhat curly hair. Fun as is or I can see it pulled back into a ponytail too. The doll comes with huge oversize shoes, but Ken shoes do fit his feet. Wish the pants weren't brown, but maybe that's a DIY down the road (I'm thinking overalls would be perfect)... Some folks don't like the plastic beard, but to me, it will always stay as tidy looking as it did at the time of purchase. There are 11 points of articulation, and let's face it, he just looks cool:@)

Doll in packaging and original furry shirt from Amazon:

A pic with Barbie for size:
If I ever begin to build a story line with the dolls,
I already know who this new character would be...
Hippie Cousin Rube from ColoradošŸ˜‰

There are plenty of reviews on Amazon showing the doll's body, 
(thin scrawny legs, and exaggerated round barrel belly).
But I knew he'd be perfect for my simple purposes.

Well folks, just wanted to pop in to share a fun new doll!
~Have a happy day!

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  1. Spent this evening scrolling though you lovely blog! I have to agree with you about this doll and being on the hunt for interesting dolls to add to my collection. His belly and skinny legs also make him interesting. Not everyone needs to look like Ken. I have seen his head place on a Dumbledore body. They say it makes finding clothes easier. I like him how he is! I will have to borrow your idea of the BRM hoodie. I have purchase some pants in different colors from Dolls Viewpoint on Etsy.


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