Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Home for the Holidays 2020 -Barbie's Thanksgiving Surprise

Barbie has the turkey in the oven and pie cooling on the counter... Little did she know there would be one extra person for Thanksgiving dinner this year:@) Joe came home from deployment early and wanted to surprise her, I'd say Kelly looks pretty excited too! Barbie hasn't noticed that he's there yet, I hope she gets the oven door closed before she jumps for joy!!! 
My kitchen is the original from the Kid Craft Supermodel House with a Gloria kitchenette tucked into a corner. 
Hard to see, but stand mixer and blender on counter are mini Christmas ornaments.
Joe's great uniform is a thrift store rescue.
Doll's posed with the help of glue dots... Lots of glue dots😉

Whatever your Thanksgiving plans may be this year...
We here at DIY Barbie Blog wish you a joyful holiday season, 
filled with welcome surprises😊

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  1. Wow, I got your email, and dashed over----so cute, and I love the house you picked up. I passed up on one, as I can barely walk in my room right now and there are 3 structures folded up under the tables, now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Sandi


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