Thursday, September 3, 2020

Barbie's 2020 Kentucky Derby Hat

The Kentucky Derby will be run this Saturday, September 5th and one of the fun things about it is people watching and looking at all of the extravagant hats.  I found a pack of spotted craft feathers at the thrift store and thought they would be the perfect embellishment for a hat for Barbie... The crochet hat I started with is from Ma's craft stash. I added a small cluster of feathers anchored by a sheer organza ribbon bow, and of course, we have to have at least one satin rose for this race.

Mint juleps and hot brown sandwiches will be spectator favorites...

And Barbie says every southern lady should have at least one string of pearls...

Enjoy the race everyone, and have a happy day😉

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  1. For some reason, blogger's new messy reader showed this post as if it was posted 21 hours ago, but it's been 4 days? Anyway, the hat looks super cute and glamurous. I love how the colors match the outfit. Hope you and your dolls enjoyed the Derby.


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