Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sweet Handmade Barbie Dress-Thrift Store Rescue

I just couldn't leave this sweet little handmade dress at the thrift store this morning and wish I knew the history behind it... Who took the time to make it? Was there a pattern or was someone simply inspired to create it? And of course, seeing the big smile on the girl's face when she received it. I love the wink and nod to red, white and blue, and it has me thinking about warmer weather. To me, this dress looks like something a southern lady would wear, I can picture iced tea, a warm breeze and a porch swing...

 I can appreciate the work that went into making it and love everything from 
the well washed fabric (repurposed old shirt?), to the ruffle trim, to the numerous darts...

Right down to the hand sewn snaps on the back.

Barbie says, if it makes you smile, take it home and...

Have a happy day😉


  1. This is a very cute dress, obviously made with love and a lot of care. I can see why you couldn't resist it. :) The model is beautiful too!

  2. What a sweet dress...very cute. Red, white and blue was very popular in the 1970's with the Bi-Centennial. I have quite a few 'homemade' pieces of clothing. Some are far superior to the import pieces with velcro. Mom's often made doll clothes from scraps from sewing adult clothing, so they are usually made nicely.


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